Treatment Pricelist

Below you’ll find a list of available treatments and their cost. If you’re not quite sure what treatments will be best for you, book a consultation with dr barry. All consultation fees are redeemable Towards any future treatment.



Consultation50Cost is redeemable towards any future treatment


Anti-Wrinkle Injections

One Area169Anti-wrinkle injections in one area (includes consultation)
Two Areas249Anti-wrinkle injections in two areas (includes consultation)
Three Areas299Anti-wrinkle injections in three areas (includes consultation)



Lip Filler 0.5 ml2000.5 ml of lip filler (includes consultation)
Lip Filler 0.7 ml2500.7 ml of lip filler (includes consultation)
Lip Filler 1 ml3001 ml of lip filler (includes consultation)



Dermal Filler 1 ml3001 ml of dermal filler (includes consultation)
Lipstick Lines 1 ml3001 ml of dermal filler to treat lipstick lines (includes consultation)
Cheek Fillers 1 ml3501 ml of dermal filler in the cheek area (includes consultation)



Profhilo - Face 300Profhilo treatment for the face (includes consultation)
Profhilo - Neck300Profhilo treatment for the neck (includes consultation)
Profhilo - Decolletage300Profhilo treatment for the decolletage (includes consultation)


Medical Micro-needling

One Medical Micro-needling Session200Cost per session of medical micro-needling (includes consultation)
Six Medical Micro-needling Sessions1000Six sessions of medical micro-needling (includes consultation)